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Restaurants & Cafés

We can help you to build and maintain your reputation as a business that delivers the highest quality food and drink. the company, we can support you in positioning your business as one that offers healthy, organic tea with an exquisite flavor. Based on our extensive experience in co-operating with restaurants and cafes, we can offer you a broad range of impressive products including loose tea, tea bags, tea stands, presentation boxes, and other elegant accessories such as teapots and infusers.

Perhaps you would like to have a unique blend tailored especially for your business? Perhaps you require specialized training for sales and marketing, or for further expert knowledge on our blends? With our help, you will differentiate your business from competitors and even meet the expectations of your toughest critics by offering options like our breathtaking Flowering Tea. Watch as our flowers bloom and enchant your customers in the process.
Simply tell us more about your business and we will happily support you in preparing a unique, vibrant, and exciting product offering for your customers.



Enhance your guests' stay by offering them a cup of enchantingly, aromatic tea with luscious flavors. Feel free to choose the blends that are best suited to your specific needs from our broad range of loose teas and teabags. In addition, you can also equip your guest rooms or restaurant with elegant teapots, infusers, and a choice of presentation boxes.

We will customize both tailored tea blends and presentation boxes to your requirements and will include your hotel name and logo. You can welcome guests or celebrate occasions like birthdays, weddings, or corporate events with our stunning Flowering Teas. This is a unique approach that will differentiate your hotel from competitors.
Alongside ordering out organic &  non-organic specialty teas, we also invite you to benefit from our years of hotelier knowledge by partaking in custom sales and marketing training suited to your hotel.



Are you looking for a unique product to build a new category or perhaps something to further compliment your current offering? Discuss your requirements with us and it will be a pleasure for us to advise you and tailor our products and services to your specific needs. You can easily differentiate your business from competitors by introducing specialty teas with unique packaging, design, and exquisite flavors.
We have been cooperating for several years with independent and chained health food stores and high-end convenience stores. The feedback and data that we have gathered over the years indicate that there are a growing group of end consumers looking for high-quality tea with unique, original flavors.
Consumers appreciate natural, organic & non-organic products like those from Might Pure Fresh Tea, which are carefully sourced from small             
organic plantations and hand-blended in INDIA by fully qualified herbalists.
We can provide full sales and marketing training alongside blend recommendations based on the purchasing behaviors of your current

Would you like to become a business partner of the only Indian company, blending various unique,  teas? We carefully choose our distribution partners, as we produce high-end teas dedicated to both retail and foodservice sectors. These include restaurants, cafés, hotels, hospitals, catering companies, etc.

We can provide you with the opportunity to broaden your range of products and create an exciting new retail category or an enchanting menu option for your clients. In addition to offering unique, high-quality teas, you can also offer tailored solutions to your customers by having us customize our products to their specific requirements.We have several years of experience in co-operating with distributors, both nationally and internationally.

Would you like to become a business partner? We carefully choose our distribution partners, as we produce high-end teas dedicated to both retail and foodservice sectors. These include restaurants, cafés, hotels, hospitals, catering companies, etc. Are you looking for the perfect tea for your business, for dining, corporate events, or even corporate gifts? If so, the Mighty   Pure Fresh Tea offering could be the perfect option for you. You can strengthen and differentiate your corporate identity by having your own customized blend designed especially for your business. Similarly, you can build and maintain relationships with business partners by allowing them to taste an exquisite, han-blended tea that perfectly reflects a thoughtful approach to business and customer care.

Equally, you can impress them with a personalized Mighty Pure fresh option which includes your company’s logo in a luxurious presentation box filled with individually wrapped tea bags in 10 different flavors.

Packaging options for loose tea
A large choice of customizable packaging options for premium leaf teas and herbal and fruit blends. All packagings are available in standard formats or individually tailored to your wishes – from small to large.

The final filling weight depends on the volume of the respective tea.
Alternatively, the following packaging can also be filled with pyramid bags or rectangular bags

Ziplock Bag
Different materials and sizes are possible
With customized print or label

Composite Can
Excellent flavor protection
Reclosable, stackable, recyclable
Great scope of design options with different paper qualities, foils, and print finishings
Customized formats possible

Metal Tin
Excellent flavor protection
Optionally with an easy-open lid
Partial or full labeling or metal embossings possible
Customized tin and lid formats